Mortuary Equipment

Prefabricated Mortuary Refrigerators:

We manufacture a standard range of mortuary refrigerators, nl. 3 and 6 body chillers and a 3-body freezer. Other sizes such as 9, 12 and 18 body refrigerators can also be manufactured on request.

These refrigerators are constructed with our steel clad sandwich panels with a choice of finishes.  The chiller cabinets have a 100mm polystyrene insulation core and the freezer has a 100mm polyurethane core. Our standard range cabinets (Model MC) have individual doors for each body.


Our economy range cabinets (Model EC) have one door for three bodies and each body compartment is provided with a removable blue PVC strip curtain so that only the desired body will be seen when opening the door.
Each body compartment is provided with a dished body tray which can be either stainless steel or galvanized.

Each cabinet is supplied with a self-contained refrigeration plant which is mounted through a service opening at the rear of the cabinet. Each refrigeration plant is fully charged and tested before leaving our factory.

Mortuary Cold Rooms

Where large number of bodies need to be housed, a mortuary cold or freezer room is more viable and economical than prefabricated refrigerators. These rooms are field erected and are constructed from our insulated panels and are fitted with special racks to house the bodies. We have two types of racking systems. One system is 3 tiers high and fitted with rollers on which the body trays slide in and out of the rack (similar to the system used in prefabricated refrigerators).


The other system is 4 tiers high and does not have rollers. The body trays must be manually positioned onto the rack. The system best suited for your needs will depend on the number of bodies that need to be accommodated, the space available and budget constraints.


Mobile Cadaver Lifting Trolley

We can supply manually operated hydraulic cadaver lift trolleys for lifting the body trays to the height required for loading into the refrigerators or onto the racks. These cadaver lifts feature the following:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel tubing

  • Simplistic ease of operation requiring only one operator.

  • Double action hydraulic arm.

  • Scissor action arms.

  • Non marking castors with brake attachment.

  • Nylon rollers for body trays.

  • 200 Kg load capacity from a minimum height of 250mm to a maximum of 1600mm.

We have supplied mortuary equipment to hundreds of State and private hospitals, morgues, police stations, military bases, funeral undertakers and mines all over Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.