Sandwich Panels


Our sandwich panels consist of two skins bonded to an insulation core by means of a two-part polyurethane based thermosetting adhesive. The panels are bonded under pressure in one of our four gravity presses and can be manufactured up to a maximum length of 12 meters. The polyurethane based adhesive is mixed and dispensed by state-of- the-art electronically controlled dispensing machines which are housed in a temperature controlled enclosure thus ensuring a perfect and consistent mix ratio thereby virtually eliminating the risk of delamination.

Steel Cladding

The steel cladding is decoiled, straightened and cut to size on one of our four electronically controlled cutting lines and we can offer various types of steel claddings,  such as pre-painted steel, Foodsafe PVC Coated steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, HPL (High Pressure Laminate), Magnesium Oxide Board, etc.

The above claddings can be mixed and matched, for example: A Pre-painted internal cladding with a Galvanised extrernal cladding.The cladding thickness will depend on design requirements.


Our insulation cores are ordered from our suppliers to the required lengths and then trimmed and grooved in our factory by means of mechanical cutting and grooving machines. We can offer various types of insulation cores, such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS),  Polyurethane (PUR),   Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Polyphen, Rockwool, etc.

Insulation core thickness can range from 40 to 300 mm depending on design requirements.

Panel Joining Systems

Our panels have a tongue and groove male/female jointing system which achieves a strong, tight joint whilst making the panels quick and easy to erect. The male and female lips are manufactured by running the steel through our specially designed roll-formers ensuring a perfect and consistent bend and thus achieving an almost flush and consistently spaced joint when erected.

Each panel joint is externally sealed with a suitable sealant on both sides of the panel (where accessible). The type of sealant used will depend on the design requirements. In rooms below 0 Deg. C, a butyl rubber-based mastic is applied in between each panel joint in order to achieve a positive vapor barrier.

Prefabricated floors:

Floors are also made with panels but are strengthened with tempered hardboard or plywood and can have an aluminium treadplate finish if required. In-situ floors consist of high density EPS or polyurethane, sandwiched between plastic vapour barrier sheets. Concrete overlays must then be provided by others. If conditions require it, under-floor heating can be provided.

Insulated doors:

All doors are custom built to the size, thickness and finish to suit requirements


Hinged cold room doors:


Our hinged doors are of the semi-recessed type. The doors are of panel construction and capped with a specially designed PVC extrusion which houses the gasket, the extrusion is fitted with a cover strip so that no pop-rivets or screws are visible on the external side thus giving it a pleasing aesthetic appearance.  Where required, the door closes onto an aluminium architrave which houses the electric heater wires (in negative temperature rooms). We import our own range of door hardware but locally supplied hardware can also be used depending on client’s requirements and budget. All doors are fitted with an emergency internal safety release mechanism.


Sliding cold room doors:


Also of panel construction, capped with a PVC extrusion and closes onto an aluminium architrave, as per the hinged doors. Our sliding rails are of extruded anodized aluminium and operate on the drop-down, drop-in principle thus ensuring a tight and perfect seal. All doors are fitted with an emergency internal safety release mechanism.


Personnel and clean room doors
Also of panel construction, they are capped with an extruded aluminium capping. The door closes onto another extruded h-shaped aluminium capping which houses the neoprene gasket and caps the door opening. These doors can be supplied with viewing panels, door closers, kick-plates, push-plates, etc. depending on client’s requirements.

We can also supply a whole range of other doors, including glass doors, high-speed roll-up doors, up-and-over doors, vertical lift doors, jack-knife doors, dock-seals, dock-levelers, etc. Door openings can also be fitted with PVC strip curtains or mechanical air-curtains, depending on requirements.


We can supply a range of cold room rack & meat rails.




Application of our products:
Insulated panels have a multitude of applications, some of which are:


  • Cold + Freezer rooms

  • CA Rooms

  • De-greening rooms

  • Ripening rooms

  • Refrigerated warehouses

  • Refrigerated Packhouses

  • Food processing rooms

  • Food manufacturing

  • Food packaging rooms

  • Cleanrooms,

  • Mortuary cabinets + rooms

  • Display cabinets + rooms

  • Partitioning

  • Accommodation

  • Fire rated partitions and ceilings

  • Fire rated chambers and

  • Any other application which requires controls of temperature, humidity, cleanliness and/or hygiene.